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Here on Quirky Decor, I aim to feature unique home decor, talented artists, and offer inspiration for people who want their home to be a bit more quirky.

I welcome submissions and suggestions. SUBMIT or ASK

My other tumblr is npkate.


I started Quirky Decor because I tire of the same typical styles featured in decor magazines, especially when there is so much out there that's different!

All photos, not including posts that I reblog from other tumblrs, link to the website where I found them. Most are linked directly to the page where they can be purchased.


These are a few of the most popular tags, and a larger list of tags can be found here.

teapot, pillow, art, salt and pepper shaker, cushion, clock, sculpture, furniture, coaster, vintage, colorful, geometric, embroidered, ceramic, owl, cat, dog, geek, anthropomorphic, animal, inspiration,